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Tu Aashiqui 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Aashiqui 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Pankti saying for what reason didn’t Ahaan come till now. She cries. Aparna says he won’t raise hand on anybody without a reason. Ahaan comes there and gets tragic. Pankti hurries to him and stresses. Aparna asks are you fine Ahaan. He gestures. Manav asks truly Ahaan, did you get this day, you didn’t go ahead mahurat, how might you get imprudent, its matter of two families now.

Reyansh says its fine, Ahaan is youthful, he will end up develop. Manav says remain out of this Reyansh, our family is sitting tight for Ahaan’s development, he ought to be created. Pankti asks Monty was it Ahaan’s misstep. Monty says yes, possibly. Manav says don’t give a clarification for Ahaan, in what capacity will Ahaan assume Pankti’s liability, I have seen everything on television.

Aparna says Ahaan is fine, its no utilization to take the issue ahead. Pankti says nothing can get fine now, our affection has captured awful sight. She tells what occurred in London. They get stunned.

Ahaan supports her. Pankti says possibly our romantic tale doesn’t have the association, I lament that my distress is given to Ahaan by Lord. They cry. Reyansh grins. Ahaan gets lightheaded. Pankti holds him and asks what happened. He says nothing, I feel overwhelming headed. Aparna says Ahaan is fine, you know where to adore is so unadulterated, where individuals need to name each other’s distress, in what capacity can any awful sight get them, Pankti will choose the marriage date, yet we have acknowledged Pankti as our bahu by heart.

Manav says sorry Ahaan, I didn’t know such a great amount of occurred in London, I reproved you without considering. Manav says perhaps marriage will happen once your profession is constructed, Sheetal will be free till at that point. Reyansh thinks its a decent begin. Ahaan comes to encourage Pankti. He apologizes. She asks to what extent will you do this. He says I can’t endure anybody saying awful in regards to you. She says everybody isn’t right, every reasoning isn’t great. He says I will do as you say, I guarantee I won’t let anybody hurt you. Reyansh sees them and gets irate.

He compliments Ahaan to be a sentimental saint. He says we should control the harm now, I addressed studio proprietor, he is prepared to give you the last possibility. They grin. Reyansh says well done. Pankti expresses gratitude toward him for taking care of the issues. Poorva says I have likewise accompanied an answer, come we should have sustenance. She calls Monty.

She says I made sustenance for you, you cleared out without eating. He says sorry, I was worn out, I thought to go home. She says fine, we might talk later. Poorva requests that Pankti sit, they will get the sustenance. She gets the nourishment. Reyansh thinks its matter of some days then Pankti will move on my fingers. Poorva says I have made extraordinary sizzlers today. Ahaan compliments her. Reyansh inquires as to why is this called sizzler, what’s this hot plate, it’s a tawa right. Ahaan says yes, I have seen numerous individuals making fricasseed egg and vegs on it.

Reyansh sees his cover peel and holds it. Pankti jokes. Reyansh says I will simply come, nourishment is fiery. He goes. Ahaan says the end result for him. He rectifies the cover. Richa says Vikram, we have no sentiment in our marriage. He says I have no time for this jabber. She says the day you understand intimate romance, you will understand your huge slip-up. She goes.

He says I simply need to render retribution for father’s demise. Pankti requests that Ahaan call Reyansh. Ahaan goes to see. JD evacuates the cover. Ahaan gets out Reyansh. JD rushes to wear the veil and wig. Reyansh says I m coming in and opens the entryway. JD stresses.




Ahaan sings at the studio. Ahaan hacks. Reyansh says maker declined to allow to Ahaan, there is a way in the event that you need, you need to help out it.


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