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Tu Aashiqui 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Aashiqui 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Vikram coming to healing centre and helping Poorva. He requests that medical caretaker call specialists to treat Anita. He requests that Poorva not stress, nothing will happen to Anita. Monty completes the gathering. He checks his telephone. He peruses Poorva’s message. Specialist treats Anita. Poorva asks her is she fine. She gets Pankti’s call. Poorva goes to go to call. Pankti asks how his mum at this point.

Poorva says she is fine, don’t stress, she will be released soon, you didn’t meet us till now. Pankti says Aparna requesting that I remain back yesterday, I went to studio today, Ahaan’s family needs to settle the date of marriage. Poorva requests that her return home soon and fare thee well. Vikram requests that Poorva fill frame now. She asks what protection number might I compose. He says I will take care of every one of your issues. Her bangle stalls out in his

coat catch. Monty comes there and looks on. Ahaan asks where did you go Pankti. She says Poorva informed in regards to mum’s mischance, she is fine at this point. Ahaan says Monty called us for progress party. She requests that he go, its useful for profession. He says we both ought to go. She says Aparna is accompanying marriage shagun, I ought to be there. He gets happy.

Poorva says really, Monty…. Monty says sorry, I couldn’t get your call and read the message, are customs done. She says relatively done. Pankti comes and says we will begin your marriage obligations now. They go. Monty gets out Vikram and expresses gratitude toward him. He goes. Vikram says her life will stall out ahead.

Ahaan says sorry Reyansh, Pankti won’t come today. Reyansh requests that he come and turn into a major star. Ahaan says see you and goes. Reyansh says you will know it there, what happens…. Poorva and Pankti get Anita home. Anita apologizes and says I don’t know anything in regards to shagun, I simply know to manage. Poorva says its fine, you will learn it, let’s overlook the past now, we need to make Pankti prepared.

Anita requests that her influence Pankti to look delightful, is Ahaan coming. Pankti says yes, yet subsequent to going to a dispatch party. Aparna masterminds shagun. Manav requests that pandit reaches the scene. Ahaan grins seeing a bangle. Reyansh asks him is he prepared. Ahaan says I m prepared for shagun, yet less prepared for the gathering.

Reyansh says simply demonstrate your face and come soon, I would prefer not to separate sweethearts, don’t stress, I know conning demise. Aparna says for what reason does Ahaan needs to do today. Manav says its work, its devil forever. She says love is additionally demon forever, he needs to return on time, Ahaan needs to influence Pankti to wear shagun bangles. Richa says don’t take the strain, this rasam is only a custom, future relies upon them.

Reyansh reprimands her and requests that her not talk to senior citizens. Everybody takes a gander at him. Reyansh apologizes. He says I concur with Aparna, I will get Ahaan there before Kangan service, I need to help you all, relations dependably require to adjust, I need to finish my work here. Vikram comes there. He says I concur I m not content with this connection, but rather it’s a family work, I do tend to regard, don’t stress, I will clearly come. He embraces Ahaan.

Reyansh asks Ahaan prepared junior…… They get stunned. Ahaan considers JD. Reyansh changes his words. They all leave. Ahaan is headed and calls Pankti. She doesn’t answer video call. He calls once more. She requests that he get back home to see her. He says I will come travelling to you. Reyansh hears Ahaan and gets furious. Ahaan gives her a kiss on a telephone. Reyansh races the auto.

Ahaan sees a truck and requests that Reyansh be cautious. Reyansh says sorry, I couldn’t see. Pankti asks Ahaan what happened, is he fine. Ahaan says sorry, telephone tumbled down, don’t stress, I will influence you to wear shagun bangles. Reyansh says see we came to. Ahaan is at the gathering.

Reyansh acclaims Ahaan’s voice. He requests that the chief sign Ahaan, film will be a superhit, destiny doesn’t give us chance over and over. The man concurs. Ahaan gets glad. Reyansh compliments Ahaan. Ahaan says thanks to him and asks how would you do this. Monty expresses profound gratitude, you got an opportunity of a lifetime for Ahaan. Reyansh says I need to keep kinship, handle the media, I will deal with others in my style. He supposes you have dreams to wind up a star, I won’t abandon you, it’s my guarantee.




Aparna compliments Pankti. Pandit tells the mahurat. Ahaan beats a person in the gathering.

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