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Tu Aashiqui 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Aashiqui 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Aashiqui 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Anita pondering JD. She says its a major misfortune for me. Sheetal gets back home for JD’s last customs. Media and visitors remark about the murder thought process, why Sheetal slaughtered JD when everybody lauded their romantic tale. Sheetal says I needed to come to ensure that JD passed on. Vikram says he was my father. She says no, he was a transgression, he needed to bite the dust, sins need to end, a villain kicked the bucket today, don’t stress, we ought to be glad. She gazes at JD. Everybody looks on.

Aparna embraces Sheetal and says we will free you soon. Sheetal meets Pankti. They cry. Sheetal embraces her. Sheetal says don’t think this is my discipline, it’s my atonement to love a man like JD. Pankti says no, Lord didn’t do equity. Manav requests that Vikram and Ahaan come, its chance for JD’s past customs. They take JD’s burial service. JD’s

last customs are finished. Everybody looks on. Manav reviews JD’s words. Everybody considers him. Vikram lights the fire to the fire. Pankti thinks about JD’s words.

Everybody returns home. Vikram remains eager. He cries seeing JD’s pic. He says why awful occurs with me, what sin did I do, father left me and mother went to imprison, I fell alone. Aparna reassures him. She says you resemble Ahaan for me, we as a whole are with you, you can impart any stresses to me and Manav. I will attempt you don’t miss Sheetal, I will attempt that Sheetal gets liberated. Following 12 days, Anita tries a few shades. She says I don’t look tragic in this, I m looking much beautiful. She says its JD’s Tervi tomorrow, I m getting ready for it. Poorva says don’t get much decked up. Anita says stars need to look great all over the place. Poorva says don’t go there. Anita says I need to act there like stars. She acts and sheds counterfeit tears to indicate distress for JD’s demise. She grins and asks how is it.

Poorva says I can’t endure this. Anita says all rich individuals will come there, we need to get some customer. Poorva says it’s your desire. She goes. Monty chats accessible as needs be and says I can’t converse with Ahaan about going London, fine I will converse with him tomorrow at his place, believe me. Poorva hears him and gets some information about London design. He says no, I m sending Ahaan and Pankti for visit, it will be clumsy, I have much work here. She asks what work. He says marriage. She asks marriage?

He says yes, I believe I ought to get hitched now, I have earned much cash and delighted throughout everyday life, I need somebody with whom I can share my joy and distress, you ought to likewise wed. She says yes. She gets taking off. He holds her hand and stops. He takes a seat on his knees and proposes her for marriage. She grins. He asks will you wed me and progress toward becoming Mrs Poorva Monty Shetty. She gestures. He makes her wear the ring. They embrace.

Anita requests that Pankti prepares quick, they are getting late. She asks where is Poorva. Pankti says plan to welcome individuals. Anita inquires as to why is anybody biting the dust here. Pankti says Monty proposed Poorva. Anita asks you mean proposition to be engaged, its extraordinary news, after JD’s Tervi, I will converse with Aparna about you and Ahaan. Poorva comes and says Aparna has effectively acknowledged Pankti as bahu, marriage is only a custom. Pankti requests that they come. Anita figures what will I do if these two brilliant eggs laying hens escape.


Somebody comes in JD’s Tervi and wishes for his spirit peace. Pankti takes a gander at him.


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