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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Dr Parag writes a prescription and asks his junior doctor to keep it in patient’s room, a patient is very talented but gets tired easily, so may miss a lot of opportunities in life due to his tiredness. Junior doctor reminisces complaining about tiredness after 48 hours of continuous surgeries. Parag asks if he knows know what to do. The doctor nods yes and left. Ambulance driver walks into Parag’s room and praises his intelligence. Parag says Kanak does not know she is falling into his trap, he is sure she will join his medical college for a paramedical course and he will not let her pass, so her license will be cancelled automatically. Uma tells Kanak that medical is a tough subject. Kanak says she was impressed with Dr Parag’s way of handling situation today, she wants to become a good professional like him.

Mausa returns home tired and relaxes on a couch. Maasi enters and switching off cooler says her work is mission is still not yet over, he has to make sure Kanak joins only Parag’s Prathistha medical college. Kanak writes city’s 10 best medical college names and explains pros and cons. Mausa walks in. Kanak discusses Prathishta medical institute. Mausa says she should join only that as he has heard a lot about it. Aditya says when it is in below top 10 lists, how can it be best. Uma says it is a reputed college and ratings vary, Parag is dean of this college.

Payal shows Prathishta medical college’s pamphlet and tells Ved she will deliver her baby only here. Bhabho passes by holding almond box. Ved insists to give some. She says she is preparing laddoo. Payal thinks it is for her. Ved asks if she thinks Kanak will become more intelligent with her laddoos. Bhabho says nothing is impossible for Sandhya and Sooraj’s daughter, though it may be difficult.

Kanak with Uma and Aditya goes to medical college for an exam and tells Uma she got 100% marks in the test. Uma says impossible. Aditya says he talks negatively always. Admission officer walks in. Kanak says she needs admission. Officers say admissions are full, one last seat was also given 15 min ago. Kanak gets sad. Aditya asks Uma to do something as pets papa/Mausa wants her admission in this college. Kanak returns home sad.

Next morning, Uma wakes up and does not find Kanak on a bed. He goes searching her. Aditya says he knows where she is, he dropped her to medical college. Kanak enters the medical college. Watchman asks to show her ID. She shows self-made ID and says she will get college’s ID by evening. Watchan says she cannot enter without ID. She runs in and getting into classroom opens up her own chair and sits on it. Students ask who is she if she is mad.

Professor comes and takes attendance. He asks Kanak her name and why she sitting on a hot seat. She says she is Kanak and did not get admission due to 15-minute delay, so she got her own seat. Professor says he cannot teach hr without admission and asks her to go out. She insists to teach her. He calls the guard. Kanak runs out and mingles with students in a lab. Professor asks ways to make strong bone. She says badam. The student identifies her and says she is Kanak who does not have the admission. Professor calls security again. Kanak runs again. Parag notices her and smirks.



Maasi tells today Kanak’s college is starting, means her plan’s official start. Parag says without admission, he cannot teach her.


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