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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Kanak Gets Trapped In a Morgue. Aditya strolls into school with Kanak and seeing a young lady understudy strolling towards them envisions playing with her. He does pushups before the young lady and says he needs to keep himself fit wherever he goes. The young lady says he is completely right, they need to keep themselves fit and respectable. He tries to get to know her, yet she backs off and says his nose is turned 10 degrees to one side, he needs plastic surgery, she needs to end up world’s best plastic specialist.

He says he can be her first patient. Kanak says this is Tiara, her schoolmate who helped her today. She requests that Aditya remain there and strolls with Tiara towards class. Tiara acclaims Kanak that she is a motivation for her and Parag talked a great deal about her. She takes Kanak outside funeral home and says this is our class and teacher Madhavi is extremely strict, she doesn’t need her understudies to be late. Kanak gets afraid. Companion tells she overlooked her versatile in a bottle and will get it. Kanak says she will go with her. Companion says educator Madhavi is exceptionally strict. Kanak strolls into a mortuary, Tiara locks entryway from outside.

Payal goes to Prathistha Hospital for her pregnancy checkup. The specialist looks at her and comes anxiously. Ved asks how is a child. She anxiously is going to talk when nurture illuminates that Dr Parag is calling. Specialist meets Parag and illuminates him that patient has a false pregnancy, she is strained how to educate persistently. Parag reminds in the event that she completed her month to month target and cautions to let tolerant think she is pregnant to keep getting cash. Specialist goes and educates Payal and Ved that child is fine, they have desired month to month checkup. Payal and Ved exit joyfully. Specialist supposes she needs to mislead finish Parag’s objective.

Kanak freezes in a dim funeral home room and seeing a moving article gets more perplexed reasoning dead body is strolling. She calls for help, however futile. At long last, Parag opens entryway and asks what is she doing here. She says Tiara told class is here. Parag inquires as to whether she has good judgment, who will take a top of the line in the funeral home. Kanak acknowledges Tiara worn out her. Tiara in class snickers with her companion thinking about Kanak’s circumstance. Kanak strolls into class while Professor Madhavi is instructing, apologizes for coming late and enters the class. Madhavi requests that she leave and gives her a long address on dependability in restorative calling. Class gets over. Tiara insults Kanak that Parag told she loves earning consideration, she loathes such individuals.

Parag with school board individuals talks about his concept of propelling 30 versatile bicycle ambulances and snatching tremendous cash from patients. Board part says as of now a private specialist has begun this office and has fizzled. Parag says Dr Uma will even lose permit on account of his better half now, their rescue vehicle administration will shower them cash, however. Board individuals concur.

Uma discloses to Mausa that since 5 days not by any means a solitary patient case. Mausa says it is an awful flag, individuals have lost confidence in him. Uma says once Kanak completes her paramedical course, he will get back his versatile emergency vehicle permit and things will fall back on track. Mausa gets desirous.

Kanak returns home and illuminates Uma what occurred in school. Uma giggles and says she ought to have called Aditya. She says Aditya was not discovered anyplace. Aditya returns and says he got agitated stomach in the wake of eating flask samosas. Kanak advises what Tiara did. Indeed, even he snickers and says Tiara is ideal for him. Kanak strolls into Mausa’s room after some time with drain and sees Parag’s photograph in his trunk. She is stunned and indicates it to Uma Even Uma is stunned.




Kanak asks Mausa how can she know Dr. Parag. Mausa goes about as obscure. Bhabho over telephone requests that Uma come and play out Payal’s checkup. Madhavi requests that Kanak abandon her class. Parag grins.


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