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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Kanak is stunned to see Dr Parag’s photograph in Mausa’s trunk. She demonstrates it to Uma and asks how are they associated. They both go to Mausa and ask how could he knows Dr Parag, demonstrating his photograph. Mausa gets strained and takes a gander at Nanda Maasi, at that point begins hacking. Maasi encourages him water and quietly requests that who asked to keep that photograph, now reveal to some phoney story. Mausa says when he heard Kanak going to Prathishta school, he enquired about Parag. Kanak gets inspired and says he supposes in regards to them so much, they both apologize. Mausa says they can’t be right.

Payal cuts vegetables thinking tragically. Bhabho says she will help her, comprehends what she is considering, she ought not to think as of now and leave everything to god, they have a specialist at home at any rate who will deal with her case. Ved hears their discussion and says Bhabho is correct, he will call Uma. Bhabho addresses Uma and requests that he come and do Payal’s checkup.

Kanak learns during the evening and supposes it is so extreme. Uma causes her. She tells what Dr Parag about oxytocin hormone which unwinds. Uma requests to take a break as his pressure hormone cortisol level is expanding. She says she needs to buckle down and get back portable bicycle rescue vehicle permit. He kisses her cheek and says he discharged oxytocin now, she can proceed with her examinations.

Next morning, Kanak achieves college and supposes she ought not to commit yesterday’s error. A couple of ward young men push her and hurried to hold somebody. Kanak sees them attempting to get a young lady who cautions to avoid her. She reminisces young lady praising vagrant kid’s birthday and conveying cake to even Kanak. Kanak asks what is her name. The young lady says Surbhi.

Kanak lauds she is doing philanthropy like her name. The young lady keeps cautioning to avoid her. Kanak calls her name and reminds that they met when she was praising vagrant kid’s birthday and influences her to unwind. Wardboy gets her and gives infusion. Kanak asks the end result for this young lady. Wardboy says she is hypertension tolerant. Kanak supposes she was so useful to others, today she is enduring.

Kanak achieves class. Teacher Divya cautions her that she is 1 month late and needs to get overabundance, she can’t go to classes on the off chance that she doesn’t and requests that she leave at this moment. Kanak does not. Teacher says she needs to ponder life systems of human skeletal tomorrow and clarify her and in the event that she comes up short, she can’t go to her classes. Kanak exits.

Parag sees her and says it is teacher Divya’s class and just she has appropriate to make choices, he can’t help. He at that point supposes he is the person who has made every one of these issues, Kanak will be stunned knowing he is the genius behind this.

Uma sees a mother crying seeing her child fallen and hurries to them. Mother says her child expended battery. Father stops Uma and says rescue vehicle is coming. Uma powerfully checks and says harm is spreading kid’s body and ought to be dealt with immediately. Father requests that Uma leave. Uma brings emergency treatment box and says corrosive ought to be widened and after that pharmaceuticals ought to be given, else kid won’t be spared. Mother requests that he treat the kid. Uma checks kid’s heartbeat.




Divya asks Kanak what’s happening with her. Kanak says quiet has knee damage, however, isn’t given wheelchair, so she is


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