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Udaan 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Chakor saying something isn’t right, that man has abandoned me effortlessly when I have checked the pack. She keeps the pack. She reviews how she had the water and blacked out. She surges back to check the sack. Somebody has appeared oblivious cell. He harms himself. He composes Chakor with blood. Chakor searches for the pack. She rejects Nisar’s call. She gets the pack and checks. She gets stunned seeing the bomb. Imli comes to a storeroom and sees her seat. She sits and says I will demolish this glad family, a bomb will detonate now blast. She chuckles. Nisar says don’t answer Imli’s telephone, Chakor has turned out to be unsafe for us.

Chakor sees the bomb and clock. She sees the children around. She gets Nisar’s call. He requests that she leave the pack and go, else he will shoot Suraj. She cries. Suraj keeps running in the forested areas. She says sorry Suraj, pardon me, you would have done likewise being in my place. She considers Suraj. Mahiya… ..plays… .She takes the sack and flees to spare the children. Goons pursue Suraj to get him. Chakor feels Suraj around and stops. Suraj stops and says I feel Chakor is near me. Mahiya… ..plays…. Suraj keeps running ahead to get spared from goons. Chakor reviews her preparation. She keeps running with the bomb.

Yeh hounslon ki Udaan hai… .plays… … She sees Saanvi’s water bottle. She says it implies they took Suraj from here, Suraj I did all that I could to spare you, I won’t let anything transpire. She runs. Imli says don’t have the foggiest idea about that man did my work or not, he isn’t replying. Suraj gets captured by the goons. Chakor achieves the lake. She sees Suraj. Suraj gets stunned seeing her with the bomb close by. Nisar looks on from far. She requests that the goons toss their weapons, else she will blow every one of them, I m not reluctant to kick the bucket. Suraj requests that she discard the bomb. She tallies down. Goon undermines her about Saanvi. She says I won’t let numerous girls lose life for one lie. Goons leave Suraj and run. Suraj yells toss the bomb.

She tosses the bomb in the lake. Suraj races to her. Nisar gets furious. Suraj and Chakor cry seeing each other. They embrace. Mahiya… .plays…. She says Chandu Ji spared you Suraj, you returned to me, they tricked me and kept this condition to keep sack in the school, I couldn’t see the children biting the dust. He says I m glad for you, it was right on the off chance that I needed to forfeit life, yet where is Saanvi. She says she is fine, don’t stress. A man puts nourishment for the crazy person.

The crazy person holds his feet and asks who did this. The man bolts the psychological person and goes. The maniac asks what’s my error, I won’t abandon you. Nisar says Chakor spared her better half and children as well, I bombed in fizzling her, she is overcome, we lost her, I can’t demonstrate my face to anybody now. He shoots himself. Imli gets stunned. She says no, this can’t occur, I won’t bite the dust till I demolish Chakor, she supposes she is exceptionally savvy… She sees Chakor’s pic and says I will destroy you.



Auditor says Nisar conferred suicide, yet we became acquainted with that Karan paid him a major sum. ?Chakor and Suraj get stunned.


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