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Udaan 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Suraj commending Chakor. He says a man doesn’t get hurt, it is a little twisted. She says I will influence Kasturi to do your guide. He says I have a superior charming, simply embrace me. They have a cajole. Examiner comes and says it’s an uplifting news, Nisar and his pack is gotten, you will be remunerated by govt. Suraj says no, I need to converse with him and inquire as to why he did this.

Controller says we got a news that he has submitted suicide. Chakor says it implies we can never know who has sent him after us. Assessor says no, we got a news, somebody paid Nisar for this, his name is Karan Oberoi. They get stunned. Karan says my work is almost done, I simply need to murder Imli. Chakor says Karan is a renowned manufacturer, how might he do this. Suraj says yes, he can’t do this. Overseer says simply observe that man’s kundli. They get stunned

seeing Karan’s criminal record. A truck takes after Karan. Karan says I will get back to you and closures call. He drives ahead. Truck hits his auto. Karan tries to get spared. Suraj and Chakor review Karan’s words.

Auditor says police is after Karan, he is a sharp criminal, he has changed numerous names and camouflages. Chakor says how could we believe him. Suraj says I likewise committed this error. Chakor says it’s my oversight, you attempted to alarm me about him, I indiscriminately trusted him. A reviewer says we will capture him soon. Chakor says you said he deceived police ordinarily.

A reviewer says this time we will contact him before he makes any arrangement. Suraj says yes, Karan doesn’t realize what we know his fact. Chakor says I need to ask him, for what reason did he cut my and villagers’ trust. Karan’s auto hits a tree. The truck proceeds. Karan falls on the guiding and gets harmed. Imli drives the truck and grins. She goes to Karan and asks what happened, were you not driving deliberately. He tries to hold her. She waves him bye. He falls dead. She grins.

The frantic person awakens and drinks water. He thumps the entryway and requests water. He sits and yells. Suraj and Chakor come to town. They hear individuals discussing the mishap. They go to see. They get stunned seeing Karan dead.

Villager gets some information about Unnati venture now. Suraj says I needed to come to know and tell about this extortion, Karan was conning us, I was working with him in Unnati venture, do you know his genuine thought process. Examiner says no. Chakor says you ought to go his home and discover. Imli gets furious and considers Chakor. She gets a tattoo machine and says Chakor’s psyche is sharp, she gets spared dependably, this time I will accomplish a comment her detects, she will go frantic and after that, she will confer suicide. She makes a tattoo to infant toy. Suraj and Chakor are at Karan’s home.

Auditor says we got his workstation, possibly we can know his rationale. He sees the gold symbol of a sanctuary. He says no cheat could take it. They see the pics and review Karan’s words. Chakor says he was attempting to take the icon, it implies the venture was begun to take the symbol, he needed to borrow the fields and make street there, just to make a passage to achieve the sanctuary. Investigator says possibly that is the reason he has concealed pic in a workstation. Chakor requests that villagers quiet down, development work will stop. Villagers say we got destroyed as a result of you. Chakor stresses.

Chakor reveals to Tejaswini that villagers are furious on her, Karan broke their trust. Imli comes there. Chakor says Karan passed on in Aazaadgunj, I feel somebody executed him. Tejaswini says he won’t get soul peace. Chakor says somebody would bolster Karan. Imli says sorry, however simply observe the good thing, all of you returned fine. Tejaswini requests that she quiets down. Chakor says I felt somebody needed to satisfy ill will with us, the villagers have conflicted with us, we would have kicked the bucket there, express gratitude toward Lord we got spared. Kasturi says all of you returned securely, a monitor is exploring, take some rest now. Chakor says yes. Imli thinks it’s your turn now Chakor.



Chakor sees the stamp on Saanvi’s hand and says somebody needs to make Saanvi bandeau. She gets stunned seeing Imli.


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