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Udaan 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Villagers getting against Chakor and Suraj. Bhuvan tries to stop the villagers. Suraj takes a drink and says I have a cerebral pain. Chakor says I know you are disturbed, yet you shouldn’t lose faculties by having this, don’t touch this toxin, it is anything but an answer, I know whatever occurred with us isn’t right, soon the general population will remain with us. He holds the wine glass down. She grins.

The distraught person says I will execute everybody. The men giggle and beat him. They clear out. The man/Vivaan says I won’t abandon her. Imli makes a tattoo on Saanvi’s hand. Chakor awakens from rest. She yells Saanvi. Suraj asks what happened. Chakor says I won’t let Saanvi take away, Saanvi is here, see. Chakor takes Saanvi and embraces. She sees some blemish on her wrist and says its same check as my bandeau stamp, it’s not going.

He says it will get off soon, who will do this, don’t state Bhaiya Ji or Imli returned. He says I will wash her hands. Chakor says no, her cleanser is in washroom first floor. Suraj requests that she go. Imli looks on and says Chakor is fine, Chakor’s fantasy will turn genuine, Saanvi will move toward becoming bandeau. Vivaan makes Imli’s illustration. He reviews Imli hitting him and closing him in the organizer, doing his mischance and endeavouring to slaughter him. He says I won’t abandon you alive Imli, you have kept me, hostage, here. Imli comes to the room. She sees discharge container. She sees Archana dozing. She gets irate and goes to get water.

Chakor gets stunned seeing Imli. She hurries to see. She ventures on the glass. She tries to see. She yells at Suraj. He asks what happened. She says I have seen Imli. He asks what, where did you see her. They search for Imli. Imli stows away. Archana comes there. She asks if everything fine, what happened, I will get frosty water for you. Chakor says how did Imli leave from haveli so soon. She asks Suraj what happened. Suraj says I know you are stressed, so this is occurring.

Chakor says you think I have seen Imli’s apparition. Tejaswini says Saanvi’s wrist has the mole. Suraj says no, it was simply pen check, it got washed off. He requests that Chakor influence Saanvi to rest. Chakor and Suraj contend. He asks her to simply take rest and rest now. He says I will put Saanvi to rest. Archana says we can fall in a bad position, you shouldn’t demonstrate face to Chakor. Imli says just Chakor will fall stuck in an unfortunate situation.




Vivaan achieves Aazaadgunj. He gets a call. Somebody requests that he slaughter Suraj and Chakor.


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