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Udaan 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Vivaan requesting that the goons let him go. Some smoke fills in the room. He blacks out. Somebody looks on. Chakor goes to get the children for training. She achieves town. She sees a few children playing. She says whatever the circumstance, I get glad seeing children. She approaches them to want to rehearse. She gives them chocolates. She says your preparation will begin from today, go and prepare. Chakor asks where are you taking them, its opportunity for training, Kaka the children have the bravery to run. The general population contend with her.

They request that the children toss the toxin given by Chakor. They toss chocolates and leave. Chakor cries. The maniac/Vivaan is left in the wilderness. He gets cognizant and glances around. He says I have seen this fantasy ordinarily. He gets his wallet and sees it stacked with cash. He peruses a note, you are free, don’t return back, simply go and begin another life. He turns furious and tosses the dry clear out. He says Imli you had kept me hostage and made my life heck, I will execute you Imli. He achieves some nourishment slows down. He eats nourishment at numerous slows down. He checks nourishment and tries to review he was bolstered by oblivious room.

He says this is the same roti which I had till now, this roti will influence me to contact that individual who held me hostage. He gets some information about the individual who requested this roti for quite a long time. Vivaan returns to the same place and sees a man splashing on dividers. He says this is an outrage of seven years. The man asks how could you return here. Vivaan says you sustained me the roti, that roti demonstrated to me the course back here. The man giggles. Vivaan says I m going to murder you now, reveal to me who held me, hostage, here. The man takes out a blade. He says you didn’t do ideal to come here, perhaps you didn’t care for your flexibility. Vivaan battles with him and asks the individual’s name. The man says I can’t state it. Vivaan says I will execute you. He hits the man. The man bites the dust.

More goons come there. They get stunned seeing Vivaan. Vivaan shouts. They flee. He says I will likewise execute Imli, I m coming. Chakor runs out and about. She considers Karan. Vivaan additionally races to Aazaadgunj, reviewing his terrible days. Chakor considers Imli. Vivaan comes to close Chakor. He gets a call. Suraj comes to Chakor. She says I was frightened. He says you are daring, how could you get frightened, is your Vanar Sena not with you.

Vivaan finds a telephone in his pocket. He replies. Somebody says you got frail remaining in a cell till now, you executed my man. Vivaan says I need to execute somebody, disclose to me for what reason did you held me, hostage, did Imli let you know. She says then you need to meet me, I will disclose to you who is in charge of your demolishing. He consents to meet her. She says there is a condition to meet me, you need to slaughter Suraj and Chakor to start with, till they pass on, I won’t turn out before you. He gets stunned. He says in the event that I need to slaughter them to contact you, I will execute them.

Suraj asks Chakor what happened. She says I m feeling bizarre, such as something will happen. Vivaan says I know Imli made this call. He enters Aazaadgunj. Chakor says don’t realize what, I feel it. Suraj grins. Imli prepares. Vivaan gets the long hairstyle. He supposes I will slaughter Suraj and Chakor to contact you. Vivaan returns to the old frame. Imli wears Imli Devi’s look. Archana clicks Imli’s pic. Imli checks the pic. She says now you see what I do. Chakor slams into Imli. Imli says I nourished Saanvi, she is resting. Chakor says thanks to Archana and goes. Imli grins. Chakor plays with Saanvi. She discusses Suraj. She gets stunned seeing Imli’s pic in the support.




Suraj and Chakor see their lovely recollections. Suraj says we lost some great individuals in our lives, who will never return. They get stunned seeing Vivaan.


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