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Udaan 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Suraj clarifying Chakor that Imli is dead, she can’t trust Vivaan, he was living in haziness. She says like Vivaan returned, Imli perhaps alive as well, she possibly anyplace. Suraj says stop it, let Vivaan get fine, he will reveal to you Imli isn’t behind everything that occurred with him. Imli hears them. Suraj asks Archana what are you doing here, go to Saanvi. Imli goes.

Archana asks where were all of you night, are you fine. Imli says I m fine, nothing will transpire till I demolish Chakor, how did Vivaan return. Archana says he supposes you kept him hostage. Imli says I know, however, he is stupid, watch out for him and discovers what he needs to do. Vivaan gets a terrible dream and awakens. He sees himself in reflect. Imli gets tea for him. Vivaan stops her and asks her who is she, for what reason did

she put enormous ghunghat, demonstrate her face. She says sorry, let me go. He holds her hand and demands her to lift the ghunghat. He is going to lift her ghunghat. Imli stresses. Chakor comes and stops Vivaan. She says this sometimes fall short for you. He yells I m a creature, not a decent man, all of you ought to get frightened of me. She says I put stock in Archana, Saanvi’s Daai.

She sends her. She says you are our Vivaan, somebody attempted to make you a creature, however, he didn’t win, as you are a decent individual. She requests that he sit and have tea. He pours tea on his hand and beverages a taste. She says you can accompany me and have tea, Saanvi will be happy seeing you having tea like this. He grins. Imli says I must be cautious of Vivaan. Girja approaches her to get scone for everybody. Vivaan drinks tea. Saanvi sees him and grins. Vivaan drinks more. Imli gets scones.

Chakor says Suraj, perceive how Saanvi is seeing Vivaan, he is Saanvi’s chachu, not Mausa. Imli supposes you are grabbing my personality, I have come to do likewise. She goes to offer Saanvi to Vivaan. Vivaan drops the tea glass and opens arms for Saanvi. He cleans his hands with garments. Suraj requests that Chakor be watchful. Vivaan takes Saanvi and grins. Suraj says Vivaan be watchful, Saanvi and you can get hurt. Chakor says Vivaan won’t let Saanvi get hurt. Vivaan says don’t stress, much glass pieces have harmed my feet, I won’t let Saanvi get hurt. Chakor says I will clean the wreckage. Girja makes a difference.

Suraj says Vivaan clean your hands, I will oversee Saanvi. He goes. Chakor sees Vivaan disturb. Vivaan’s shirt gets torn by the nail. He indignantly tears the shirt. Chakor sees the imprints on his body and gets stunned. He goes upstairs. She says I ought to get new garments for Vivaan. Suraj considers Vivaan. Chakor comes to the room and approaches him about garments for Vivaan. He requests that she give a list, he will give everything. She asks what happened, let me know, you didn’t care for Vivaan playing with Saanvi.

He says no, his psychological state isn’t fine, you generally stress for Saanvi, you offered her to Vivaan. She says he neglected to grin, he grins seeing Saanvi, whatever occurred with him, not only his body, his spirit is additionally harmed. He says I additionally need him to get fine, however, I can’t hazard Saanvi, Vivaan isn’t old Vivaan currently, till he gets typical, it’s not fine to give him a chance to approach. She says he will leave us in the event that you do this. She goes. Its morning, Imli cooks sustenance.

She considers Vivaan. She wears ghunghat when Girja comes. She requests that she serve nourishment. Imli says I don’t know Vivaan, he is new here. Girja says somebody has destroyed his life, he isn’t new for us, make sustenance. Imli thinks its risk for me.




Chakor demonstrates the bandhuagiri stamp to Suraj. Vivaan says I will execute them and after that murder you. Suraj hears her.


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