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Udaan 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update – Imli Traps Chakor And Vivaan


Udaan 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Vivaan asking in a sanctuary for Suraj and Chakor’s satisfaction. He hears a tantric and goes to see. The man says my child is stating he is seeing some apparition. The kid says I truly observe a young lady’s soul. Suraj rests. Chakor thinks about his words and gets tragic. Mahiya… plays…… She evacuates his shoes. He awakens and inquires as to whether everything will get fine between them once more. She says yes.

They have a minute. Her telephone rings. He requests that her discussion, she ruined his rest, go from here. She answers Vivaan’s call. He says to come quick to the sanctuary, I have to talk something demon. She asks how might I come now. He says simply come quick. She says fine. She says Suraj, I m going to the sanctuary, perhaps Vivaan got some sign, I will come soon. He says then go, Vivaan has called you, turn off the lights. She switches off lights and goes.

The kid says my mum is sitting tight for me, where is Chakor. Chakor asks the kid what is he doing here. Vivaan says Ankit has seen somebody’s apparition. Ankit says I can’t take her name. Chakor says don’t get frightened, there is not at all like apparitions, disclose to me who has seen you. Ankit says Imli’s phantom. The kid runs with his folks. Chakor says we should come here tomorrow morning, we will get sign about her, we have less time, Suraj will trust us on the off chance that we get intimation. Vivaan concurs.

Its morning, Chakor sustains Saanvi in rush. Suraj contends with her. Vivaan comes and says I m prepared. Suraj says with the goal that’s the reason you are in rush to go. Chakor says Saanvi isn’t having nourishment. Kasturi comes and requests that Chakor go, she will oversee Saanvi. Chakor says I need to go. Suraj says go anyplace you need.

Chakor says its fine, once Imli’s reality turns out, Suraj will get it. She leaves with Vivaan. They achieve the sanctuary. Imli looks on and grins saying I was sitting tight for both of you. Kasturi offers kada to Suraj. He expresses gratitude toward her and calls her a mystical performer. She says I didn’t make this myself, Chakor gave me its formula. Suraj gets happy. Tejaswini comes to demonstrate work pics to Kasturi.

She sees Suraj and says its nothing. He requests that her show. He sees Chakor and Vivaan’s pics and says I didn’t know in regards to this Utsav. Tejaswini says Chakor called Shaurya for program. He gets agitated. Chakor and Vivaan go to the room. He declines to go in and requests that her go. She gets the dark hood and red sack. She requests that Vivaan come and see.

Vivaan says it implies Imli is here. They endeavour to go. Imli locks the entryway and grins. They yell for help. Imli says you need to spend the night here. Vivaan holds his head. Chakor gets stunned seeing him and asks what’s going on, simply be solid. Suraj comes there. Imli says legend’s entrance happened, now Ram Leela will happen, Suraj will be Ram, Chakor will be Sita and Vivaan will be Raavan. Chakor holds Vivaan.




Vivaan says this room will never open, we will pass on. Chakor says I m with you. Suraj comes in and sees them together.


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