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Udaan 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Tejaswini saying Archana will remain back, I addressed her. Suraj takes a drink. She stops him and says this doesn’t take care of issues. He says I m stressed for Chakor. She says I think its event in light of Vivaan. Suraj says no, Chakor said she has conversed with Imli today. She says her psychological state is deteriorating, we need to accomplish something. Suraj reviews Chakor’s words. Chakor considers Imli.

Vivaan says I checked whole haveli, Imli isn’t here. Chakor says by what method can Imli leave hints, she is here, she isn’t my creative energy. He says I totally believe you, Suraj ought to likewise trust you. She says Suraj trusts me, Imli doesn’t need this to happen, I will come up short here. Chakor comes to Suraj and tries to talk. She says we both dependably bolster each other. She requests that he have the drain. She reminds

his words. She says I kept in mind anything, I remember everything about my life, my brain didn’t get feeble, your trust on me got powerless. She cries. She holds his hand. He escapes. She says you are better than average, please have the drain. She goes. Mahiya… ..plays… . She cries in the room. He drinks the drain. She considers Imli.

Imli procures the goons and requests that they beat Vivaan. She sees Vivaan running. She says poor Chakor, she believed her companion, yet I will execute her companion. Vivaan reviews the injury. He hears the goons’ strides. They assault. Vivaan thumps them. Imli looks on stunned and says why are they not fleeing. The goons flee. Vivaan says I know who has sent you here, disclose to me the name. The man says I don’t have a clue, I was simply requested to beat you. He tosses sand and runs. Vivaan yells stop, reveal to me his name.

Imli thinks who is Vivaan discussing, whose call is he expecting, who got him here. She gets a call and says I m coming, simply keep the drain bubbled. Tejaswini says Saanvi will have the drain and play with me. Chakor gets drain bottle. Tejaswini asks what happened. Chakor says nothing. Chakor goes. Imli switches the jugs when Tejaswini goes to answer a call. Imli supposes I have made the arrangement, Saanvi will drink harmful drain and…. Chakor hears Saanvi’s cry and runs.

She discards the drain bottle. Imli gets irate. Tejaswini inquires as to for what reason did you toss this drain. Chakor checks the drain and says I question that somebody included something in it. Tejaswini asks how might anybody include anything, you heated up the drain. Chakor says yes, the, however, a bottle is changed, Imli has done this to grab my little girl. Tejaswini says Imli is dead, if Suraj hears you, he will reprove you.

Chakor says you mean I have given such drain to Saanvi. Tejaswini says I didn’t move. Chakor says you would have gone to answer the call. Tejaswini says you intend to state I m thoughtless. Chakor says no, you are both. Vivaan returns home and asks what happened. She sees his injuries and gets some information about it. Tejaswini says now say Imli did this.

Vivaan says no, I slipped and tumbled down. He goes. Tejaswini says you oversee Saanvi now. Chakor says you mean I have gone frantic. Tejaswini says your state is deteriorating. She goes. Imli looks on and stows away. She says Saanvi will pay for your savvy. Chakor fixes tape to the window. Suraj comes and gets stunned. He expels the tape and says none will roll in from this window.

Chakor thinks sweethearts indiscriminately believe each other, why is our destiny not such, Imli is near, we won’t know when she ruins our reality. Suraj says we have a chance by your dread, Imli is dead, this window will be open.




Udaan fourth June 2018 Imli goes to wound Vivaan. He awakens and says Imli… Chakor says Imli is behind this, she is alive. Suraj raises the hand on her. Vivaan stops Suraj.

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