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Udaan 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Udaan 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Chakor checking the sack. She sees the cash inside. She checks her telephone. Imli asks Nisar did she baffle him. He says no, you made me cheerful, I got the cash. She says its your turn now, do what I let you know, dishearten Suraj. He calls Chakor and says you have checked the sack when I requested that you not do as such. He undermines Suraj. He requests that she do as he said and closes call. Chakor goes to the garden. She says possibly they will rebuff Suraj for my error. She says Suraj, I m coming to take you soon. Suraj thinks about her. Mahiya… .plays… .. Chakor gets a call and takes after Nisar’s directions.

She says I simply need to converse with Suraj once. He requests that her not sit idle and finishes a call. She drinks the water and feels dazed. She tumbles down there. Somebody changes the sack. Some man has appeared in a dim cell. Suraj yells for help. He requests help. The man says I think Suraj will bite the dust, yet his better half didn’t put the bomb yet, we need to keep him alive till at that point. Suraj gets stunned. The men free Suraj. Suraj takes the weapon and goes for them. He asks where did you send my better half, disclose to me quick, else I will shoot. He shoots. Nisar and men hear the sound and come to see. The man says Suraj has fled. Nisar slaps him. Chakor awakens. She glances around. She gets Nisar’s call once more.

She says I need to converse with Suraj. He says you can take every necessary step and after that meet Suraj, you need to keep the sack in the school, simply ensure nobody sees the pack, at that point, Suraj will be before you. She asks will you free Suraj at that point, will I get him back. He closes call. She says I m coming to Suraj, they will free you, I won’t let you leave me. She clears out. Imli calls Nisar. She asks did anything turn out badly. He says no, Chakor has no clue that we have swapped the pack. Imli says Chakor will smash when the bomb detonates, the passing of those kids will kill Chakor a thousand times, simply kill Suraj, with the goal that Chakor doesn’t have any shoulder to rest and cry. He says your hostility looks profound, at any rate, we will do as you need. He requests that his men discover Suraj.

Imli meets Bhuvan. She approaches Girja to get tea for them. Bhuvan says we just came to ask welfare. Imli asks him what’s the issue. Bhuvan says we didn’t know anything in regards to Suraj and Chakor. She says yet I got Chakor’s call, they are getting a charge out of a ton there. Her hand gets cut while cutting organic products. He requests that her fare thee well and goes. She says soon I will destroy Chakor. Chakor goes to the school. She gets Nisar’s call. He requests that she keep the pack and leave. Chakor stresses and figures for what reason do I need to keep this pack here.


Udaan tenth May 2018 Written Episode Update Precap: Chakor gets stunned seeing the bomb. She challenges Nisar and says I will without a doubt overcome you. She sees Suraj hostage. He yells at her to discard the bomb before it detonates.


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