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Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Daruk says what are you doing on my earth? What’s more, undermining me? Indra dev says your earth? You malicious evil presence, you will be slaughtered so you rather backpedal to rasatal lok or bite the dust. Daruk says my warriors, overcome these divine beings and make them your sustenance and slaves. Daruk snickers.

All devils head towards the divine beings. Indra dev and all divine beings expel their weapons and assault their forces on the devil warriors. All assaults hit the officers and they are exploded and blasted into powder. Daruk is stunned. More evil presence fighters originate from the woodland and assault the divine beings. Indra dev and all divine beings assault these fighters with control from their weapons. Daruk gets furious and daruka sees this.

Daruk says you divine beings, leave else you should endure. Suryadev says you, fiendish devil, you will be murdered. Daruk says I will take you, slaves. Daruk expels his weapon of chains and after that assaults it on the divine beings. Indra dev assaults from his Vajra Astra, its energy hits the weapon of chains and it flies and hits the position of authority of daruk and blasts. Daruk gets up irately.

Daruka at that point comes and shuts her eyes and says you divine beings will now take in your lesson, you might all turn into our slaves, I am the ruler of earth and my swami, daruk is the lord of earth. Indra dev says they have announced themselves, leaders of earth, they should be rebuffed. Indra dev and all divine beings meet up. Daruka goes to Mata Adishakti for her, daruk and her evil spirits assurance. The evil spirit warriors encompass Indra dev and all divine beings.

Indra dev says let’s instruct these evil presences a lesson and rebuff them. Indra dev assaults on daruk again with his weapon, this time all of a sudden a shield shows up around the woods, daruk, daruka and all evil spirit officers. Indra dev says what is this? Mata Adishakti shows up and ensures everybody. Vayu dev says what do we do now? Mata Adishakti is securing these insidious evil spirits. Indra dev says yes, I am stunned as well.

Mata Kali says to Ganesh, I am the mother of all, everybody was conceived from me and I am everybody’s Mata! Indeed, even the evil spirits were conceived from me just, along these lines everybody was my kids, daruka had taken a desire from me yet she utilized it for the wrong reason and for Adharma! Be that as it may, I additionally gave the divine beings an approach to spare everybody despite the fact that I was securing the evil presences.

There Indra dev and all divine beings assault the devils however they are encompassed by the evil presences. All divine beings say what do we do now? We can’t vanquish these evil presences while Mata Adi Shakti ensures them. Indra dev says yes that is correct.

Daruk says now what will you do devraj? In what manner will you battle me? Indra dev says daruk, you call yourself a ruler, I am the lord of divine beings, come and battle me with exposed hands and I might crush you. Daruk ventures down and acknowledges the test. Both Indra dev and daruk have a duel battle and they fly in the sky and after that battle in the mists. Daruk kicks and tosses Indra dev who flings towards earth. Indra dev tumbles down on earth, he gets up once more. Daruk giggles.




indra dev and all divine beings go to a Rishi, an effective rishi who can spare all rishi’s and humankind. The Rishi comes and says I will crush you evil presences, despite the fact that Mata Shakti ensures you.


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