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Woh Apna Sa 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Jia comes and says what was the deal? Rano says who is inside at that point? She takes the individual out. Everybody is stunned. They remove his sheet. Arohi has blacked out. Akash checks his breaths. Rano says this all happened as a result of you. I needed to slaughter you and I wound up executing Arjun. Jia says quiets down. Jia embraces Arjun and says please open your eyes.

Akash kindly accomplishes something. She is crying. Ambika is entranced. Akash gives Arjun CPR. Ambika is crying. Jia says nothing will transpire mama. Akash gives Arjun and infusion. Arjun opens his eyes. Jia embraces him. He says what can transpire when you are here for me. He gets up. Rano says Arjun Ji… Mai, I am sad I committed an error. Ambika says enough. I don’t’ wanna tune in to your falsehoods. I need to know Jia’s reality. Akash says Jia let me know everything she did. How she controlled mama. Jia tells Ambika everything from begin.

Rano says Akash you shook hand with me why are you changing hues now. Ambika says quiets down. What sort of a mother am I that I couldn’t see your fact. she slaps her repeatedly and says this is for hurting my children, this is for hurting me, this is for hurting Jia. She pushes her. Arjun says I never trusted Jia on the grounds that I thought you are my cherished companion. I am sad Jia. I am sad Akash. Jia says on the off chance that I was distraught I wouldn’t have returned. I know you adore me.

I wanna apologize as well. I am not pregnant. Rano requested that specialist say that I am pregnant. So we requested that specialist influence it to resemble its Arjun’s tyke. We never crossed our breaking point mama. I am a sad mama. Ambika says don’t state that. I am sad. jia says you are my mother. Kindly don’t state that. I never had mother’s affection. I became more acquainted with know it after I met you. Arjun says I wish I believed you previously. ENough of this Rano hurting us. How might you do this to my mom? I can’t endure you here for a moment.

Arjun pushes her out. Ambika takes a seat. She says I couldn’t see that there was a snake in my home. I couldn’t perceive what was good and bad. I generally was discourteous to you. I am sad. Much obliged to you for sparing us from her. Arjun can never have an existence accomplice superior to you. Ambika says Akash has grown up that is the reason he remained by Jia and helped her. I trust our family lives joyfully many. Akash says Jia is here now everything will be great at this point. Ambika says you are right. Thank you for battling for this family Jia. I am so pleased with your little girl in law. Jia touches her feet.

Around evening time Jia comes to patio. It is enriched. Arjun kisses her hands and says much obliged. She says I cherish shocks. He says I could just do this. I am sad. she says we are as yet fragmented. We need to influence Bini and Akash to meet up as well. he says yes we need to bring them close as well. He kisses her cheek and embraces her.




Ambika feels like somebody is coming inside the house.


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