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Woh Apna Sa 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Rano gives Arjun a ball. She says you utilized this as a stress buster and squeezed it. He expresses profound gratitude. Rano says this kid should never to this world. Rano says when Arjun presses the ball cover will discharge toxic gas.

Jia nods off. Arjun presses the ball the pole discharges the gas. Rano makes sustenance. She says to Birju I am exceptionally cheerful so I made this. Ambika comes and says why this? She says Jia is pregnant. she would need to eat assortment. Arjun says thank you Rano. Akash comes and says don’t have to make this. Jia comes and says hello. Rano is disoriented.

Jia expresses profound gratitude for making this Rano. you are so decent. I will eat this. Ambika stands and says I would prefer not to eat. Jia was feeling fomented. Akash came and saw her. He gave her water. She hurls. Akash acknowledges there is a harmful gas. SHe saw the pole and saw the gas in it. He told Jia. Jia says in what capacity can Rrano stoop so low. Jia says I need to eat sweets. I will eat it. Jia goes to the kitchen and stands on a stool. SHe falls. Arjun holds her. He says be watchful. Deal with your wellbeing and your child. I have this rundown for you about what should you eat and what shouldn’t. Jia clears out.


Rano calls a hooligan and plans something. He comes in during the evening. Rano reveals to him the arrangement. He sneaks in the house. Jia reviews how upbeat Arjun is. She says I shouldn’t mislead him like this. This all isn’t right. The man comes in. jia feels like somebody is there. He kills the lights. Jia says the end result for the light. He puts a sheet on her and hits her. Rano looks in. The man drags Jia out. They put her under the couch so she passes on. Akash comes in. The hooligan covers up.

Akash says where is Jia? Rano says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Ambika says the end result for the light? Rano says Akash is checking. Akash says meld was down. He turns on lights. Akash says where is Jia? Ambika says does she tell anybody? Jia comes and says I am home. Rano is stupefied. Akash says where is Arjun? Rano says in the heart that implies Arjun is inside.




Rano takes out the individual from the couch. Everybody is stunned. It’s Arjun.

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