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Woh Apna Sa 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Bhopal says to Pihu gives up to summer camp and have a great time. She says we will make the late spring arrangement fun as well. Accomplish something. He says make sense of yourself. She says it will be entertaining.

Pihu calls Mohini and says I wanna leave. You cherish your little girl right? Why are you doing this? She says quiets down Pihu. We can’t leave Vikram as a result of you. I wanna get hitched to him. Remain there. Your mother has changed. I cherish Vikram. She says I will successfully get my Vikram. Pihu hears it. She calls somebody and says Pihu or Shona will be in summer camp. Pick her from that point and offer her. Try not to commit any error. Pihu is disoriented. She says Shona will be soled. This close relative will offer her. This is a major issue.

She says to Vikram where are you going? He says mama isn’t well. I am going to healing facility. He clears out. She goes to mama’s room and says he couldn’t care less in regards to me. I need to stay here throughout the day and take care of you. She takes off. mama’s breaths are running out.. .. comes in and says maa ji what happened. She says Vikram Sooraj please come here. Pihu says what happened, mom… Nothing should happen to Dadi. Whatever happens, Vikram will figure you did it. Bhopal where are you. Pihu’s mother is concerned. She says Bhopal kindly accomplish something generally nobody will overlook my mom. If it’s not too much trouble help me Bhopal. I will do anything. I will do your art on one leg. She remains on one leg and implores. Bhopal comes. Mama shows signs of improvement. Anandita says I won’t let anything transpire mama.

Mohini comes and says mama ji what happened. Mama Ji awakens. Anandita says I will remain with mama. Mama ji says in the event that you might you be able to would have slaughtered me. she says I was here all the time dealing with you. Mohini wasn’t even here. She says request that she go from here. She has broken my entire house. I would prefer not to see her face. go from here. She runs out crying. She slams into Vikram. he says what was the deal? She says mama Ji has opened her eyes. He says what.. he embraces her. Mohini sees them and is furious.

Vikram advises mama that I am will summer camp. I will meet you. Mohini will deal with you. Mohini says mama ji you heard what Vikram said. She says yes I have an answer as well. This late spring camp, he will run with Anandita however he will return alone. I will destroy Anandita’s existence with my companions and end her life. She says who are they? Pihu says mother Shona isn’t pihu. I feel so terrible.

I am coming summer camp. The mid-year camp begins. Everybody is celebrating there. Mama ji is headed with Mohini and Vikram. Pihu sits in the auto. Shona is in the mid-year camp. Vikram drops them and takes off. Mama Ji meets her four companions.

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