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Woh Apna Sa 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts with Arjun says I don’t recognize what to do. My situation is practically hopeless. Jia sees the work of art. she says no attracts things her book. We can discover a piece of information. Arjun says yes she shrouds that book. Aksh says I gave that book back to her. Be that as it may, I stole it from her. He says yet I wont tell.

Jia and Arjun stimulate him and say let us know. They come to store. He says I am making it out. Akash takes out the book. SHe says this is the thing that she drew. she needed to slaughter me. The page is torn. Akash says you saw the last page. Do you recollect what was on it? Jia says I am endeavoring to review. The paper fell in the lounge room. It may have the sign. Akash says yet it won’t not be there. She says perhaps its under furniture. Lets search for it.

They come ground floor and search for paper. Akash says we need to discover it at any cost. Jia sees the paper in the aquarium. They endeavour to take it out. Jia takes the paper out. Its all torn. Arjun says we lost it.

Arjun says couldn’t discover it. Rano says would you be able to discover? Jia says the nail paint you needed. We have done all that you requested. Rano says are you lying, Jia says we don’t lie like you. They take off. Rano says I will destroy your life. She comes to the room and denotes a cross all over. SHe says I have your mystery and remote control. Shouldn’t something be said about these three? When they become acquainted with it they will be stunned. She takes out her firearm.

Jia comes to Arjun she says you called me? She embraces him. It’s a sham. Rano says searching for Arjun? Here is art. Shouldn’t something be said about the mystery? Jia says what mystery. Jia takes the art. she swoons. Rano says one by one I will demolish your lives.

Ambika Arjun and Akash come in. they see numerous fakers. arjun says where is Jia? She says there she is. They say what? She says one of these stone workers have Jia. you need to discover in one moment. Would you be able to discover? Arjun says would you say you are insane? She says when you pick on the other would impact. Arjun says are you insane. She says I sat tight for all of you this year.

Time is coming up short on hands. Akash says they are both alike. Rano says to Ambika the key is in a similar stone carver. you mystery would impact as well. Arjun says what mystery? Arjun says Rano I implore you don’t do this satisfy. Rano says time is up. She impacts a stone carver. Jia comes in. Arjun says how could you turn out? She says I was out. He says you were in stone carver. She says what are you saying.

Rano chuckles and says it was every one of them a joke. She took Jia out when she swooned and acquired the stone workers. Jia says mama for what reason do you need this to proceed? Ambika says give me keys. Akash says what mystery would she say she is discussing? Rano gives the keys to Ambika. Ambika goes to her room. Rano says I will rest in my room. Jia says what mystery is this? Akash says I need to discover it out.




Rano says to Ambika I will make you meet them soon. Jia says what are they talking out. Jia and Arjun tail them.


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