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Woh Apna Sa 18th May 2018 Written Update

Woh Apna Sa 18th May 2018 Written Update


Woh Apna Sa 18th May 2018 Written Update Starts With Jia says mama do you require help? She says no I will make it. Jia says please reveal to me what it is? Ambika says for what reason wouldn’t you be able to allow me to sit unbothered. Go from here. She takes off. ambika says I am sad Jia.

Rano comes and the nourishment is another person’ most loved as well. However, it could never get to him. She tosses it. Rano says you don’t love me. Make new sustenance for me and clean this. she takes off. Jia and Arjun look in. Ambika cleans all the nourishment in tears. Jia says by what means will she work in 60 minutes. she will fall debilitated.

Jia takes a gander at Ambika she says would it be a good idea for me to go and converse with her? Rano comes in. She gives her a pack. Ambika says did you give him stuff? Rano says yes. Ambika says when will you take me? She says soon. ambika is in tears. Jia says what is this identified with? I need to discover.

Jiatells Arjun and Akash. Arjun says who would it be able to be? Jia says we need to discover that human. arjun says whats Rano’s connection with that individual. Jia says we need to discover whom did she go to meet? Arjun says this bindi… Rano says everybody come to the first floor. Arjun reveals to them the arrangement.

Everybody comes ground floor. Jia says you are so skilled. Arjun says we will do what you request. Simply don’t influence mama to work. Rano says approve. Akash goes and brings me sustenance. Arjun makes me tea and Jia will enable me to prepare.

Jia gives Rano saree. she causes her in dressing. jia says you look so beautiful. Rano says to bring my shoes. Jia brings her shoes. She says influence me to wear it. Arjun says you won’t do it, Jia. Rano says would it be advisable for me to request that mama work? jia says we said we sick do her work. Jia makes her wear it. She clears out.

Arjun and Jia snicker. Jia says I have settled bindii bundle in her shoes. We will know where she will go.

Akash comes to Ambika. She claims to rest. Akash says I know you are no dozing. Don’t you believe us? We can get you out of this inconvenience. Reveal to us what it is. Rano isn’t home. Nobody would know. Ambika says in heart Rano isn’t home?

Jia and Arjun take after Rano. Ambika goes out. Akash says mama stop. Where are you going? The bindis end. Arjun says that implies that mystery is in the house. They go close to the indirect access. Akash says mama please disclose to me why are we doing this? Ambika takes off. Arjun and Jia return lobby.

Ambika says what are both of you here? What is this on floor? Rano comes and says this was made for me. Did they need to know where am I? I am here. They couldn’t discover. Ambika says when will all of you stop it? Rano says I saw the parcel and your doltish arrangement fizzled. Try not to stress mai. We will play a similar diversion she clears out.

Ambika says to avoid this or allow me to sit unbothered. I needn’t bother with you. she goes to her room. Jia says I am extremely stressed for mama. She is extremely disturbed.

Rano says it was so much fun tricking them. There are roses on her bed. she notices them and swoons. Arjun and Jia come in. Arjun and Jia tie her in store. She opens her eyes and says what am I doing here? Wjay is this? Arjun demonstrates her a tub underneath her. It has petrol.




Arjun says on the off chance that you don’t reveal to us what mystery is that, I will consume you alive here.


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