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Woh Apna Sa 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Rano comes in. Jia says mama has gone to healing facility. She has been hypnotized let’s make her inquiries. Rano snickers. she acts like a child since she has gone in past. She says I wanna shower in lobby.

Present to me the can. he says whats the mystery? She says gives play a chance to find the stowaway. She runs. Akash brings water and says there is water. She says this isn’t sufficient. Its hot too. he needs to consume me. he says its chilly. she says you are insane. She remains in the tub and plays like an infant.

Arjun says I can’t take it any longer. What’s the mystery let me know? She says you are wearing a veil and need to ask me the mystery? They are stunned. She removes his moustache. Ambika arrives in a says whats going ahead here. She takes a gander at Arjun. She says what have you moved toward becoming? What is this? Rano says they are doing this dramatization. They need to think about our mystery. on the off chance that you need let me let them know. Ambika says no.

Ambika says what do all of you need? Avoid this. Rano says imagine a scenario in which I let them know. you ought to have approached your precious stone ball for this. Rano says the water I washed my feet with somebody needs to scrub down from it. Akash says I ought to be it. She says no it ought to be mai. Arjun says are you insane. ambika says pour this water on me. Jia says why are you doing this.

Ambika says do as Rano says. Akash and Arjun pour that water on Ambika. Rano records it. arjun says love is won. You can’t grab it. You can’t stoop so low. She says you can’t see the truth. He says what mystery is it. She says you can’t know. He says I will discover it out. Rano says no doubt go ahead. You can never know unless I need you to know. Jia says what will we need to do? She clears out. Ambika says for what reason wouldn’t you be able to all stop.. Ambika cries. Arjun and Akash take off. Jia takes a gander at Mai.

Arjun goes to his room rate. Akash comes. Akash says have some water. I know how irate you are. we are falling flat everytime. He says why is mama being her ally. Akash says there is some shortcoming in her grasp. We need to discover. We have to search for an idea in Rano’s room.

Ambika comes to Rano with kheer. Rano expresses profound gratitude. Ambika says I need to talk. She says sit on the stool. Abika sits however Rano kicks the stool. Ambika tumbles down. Rano says know your value. Ambika says document my nails first. Ambika records her nails. Rano says now I will think in regards to doing your work. Ambika says her something. She asks.

Rano says I will think in regards to it. Arjun sees Ambika documenting Rano’s nails. Rano says come in. mai does as such much for me. Arjun says I came to take my record from cabinet. He takes a record and drops the vase. Rano says my nail.. I should go to imprison. Ambika broke my nail. Presently she will influence me to wear shoes. Ambika makes her wear shoes. Rano clears out. Arjun says mama.. she takes off.




Jia says Arjun mama isn’t opening entryway. She hasn’t eaten anything. They all thump and get stressed.


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