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Woh Apna Sa 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With

Jia goes to her room in tears. She says how might she approach Arjun? For mama I need to do this. She designs the room. Rano comes and says I and arjun will be one. No more separations. Shaurya comes in with a glass of drain. Rano says you need to remain on the entryway. She bolts the entryway. Shaurya says have drain. She says you ought to have some as well. He drinks one glass and she drinks the other one. Rano says I am returning.

Rano says take my ring off. Jia is concerned outside. she says take my studs off as well. He pulls them. she says it harms. jia is in tears. Rano approaches Arjun to kiss him. He says I am extremely eager. Rano says what.. Is this an arrangement? he says you know me how hungry I get. She says we have organic products here. She influences him to eat them. Rano holds his hand. Rano approaches. He

says please shut your eye. Arjun says in heart Jia please spare me. he says notice this bloom. She hacks. SHe says you know I am unfavorably susceptible. Jia reviews her minutes with Arjun.

Rano pushes Arjun on bed. She kisses his hand. Jia says mama please open your entryway. Mama please we are one you have encourage us. Arjun says go rest first.

Jia says if Rano invests night with greetings Arjun will be compelled to possess her. I will lose him for eternity.

Arjun spills water. Rano slips and falls. she says pick me.He says no you have a place there. He clears out. Rano says I wont abandon you.

Arjun comes to Jia. Ambika opens the entryway. she is dressed as a lady of the hour. Jia says what is.. She shuts the entryway. Ambika cries inside. Jia says did you see all that? That sindur.. arjun is in tears. he says mama was wearing mangalsutra. jia says what’s going on here? If it’s not too much trouble let me know.

Arjun reviews when he was a youngster. Ambika came inside the house in rain. Arjun says mama what was the deal? Why are you like this? There was a letter from her significant other. I am will satisfy my fantasies. Try not to attempt to search for me and deal with kids. Ambika removed her mangalsutra. He says baba will return. He can’t abandon us. Dont cry mama please. He will return. Ambika said he will never return. He has abandoned us for eternity. I wont wear this mangalsutra any longer. He broke every one of the connections. This mangasutra doesn’t mean anything; If we ever returns I will wear it again. He says mama baba truly cherishes us. Ambika says for me never take his name again. I am here for you both.

Ambiak is tears. She says I concealed this torment for such a significant number of years and it returned once more.

Jia says whatever happened was years prior. He says that implies he is back. I have seen mama crying each day. She concealed her torment to keep us glad.

Jia says for what reason did he clear out? He says he needed to satisfy his fantasies. He chose to go. Rano is coercing mama with something identified with baba.




Arjun embraces Ambika and says for what reason did you concealed this from us? you figured your child can’t share your agony?

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