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Woh Apna Sa 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Woh Apna Sa

Woh Apna Sa 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Woh Apna Sa 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Rano’s men bring a drum.. She says here you go. Ambika says is my better half in this drum? Try not. He will choke inside it. Rano says there are little pores in it. Hold your breath you will see your better half today. They take out the man. His condition has compound. Ambika cries seeing his condition.

Akash Arjun Bini and Jia come ground floor. He says that is the place. They glance around. Bini’s foot stalls out in a trench. Arjun holds her hand. He says akash jia go inside I will bring Bini.

Ambika says let me touch him once. Give me a chance to see his face very close. Rano says go see. Ambika keeps running towards him and is in tears. she says the end result for you. I wasn’t there with you. She sees him wearing their wedding band. Ambika says please open your eyes its me.

Rano says enough of this show. Ambika says kindly don’t do this. Rano says come here. Ambika says I wont come do whatever you need. Rano says you will be in charge of what happens. The hooligan takes out an infusion. Rano says he will be deadened with this. Ambika says don’t do this. I will do what you need. I did all that you inquired. Kindly don’t do this. Take a gander at his condition. Rano says return here. Ambika sits on the seat.

Akash says I checked all wings nobody was there. Ambike lookss down. she tosses a stone from above. Rano says gives up. Jia says possibly somebody sent it. Rano says now you know your significant other is with me.

Arjun tries to remove Bini’s foot from the young lady.

Ambika pushes Rano and tries to run however She holds her leg. Ambika pushes her and runs. She runs. Rano says somebody get her she is running. Akash and jia are coming upstairs. They see hooligans taking out a drum. Ambika sees Akash. Rano says to her men toss the drum. Amabika yells no.. Spare him, Akash. Akash keeps running down and opens the drum. Nobody is in it. Ambika says I saw your dad in this. Rano snickers and says enchantment. Rano’s men get each of the three. They attach Ambika to wheel seat.

Akash throttles rano and says how could you. Rano says now you see what you do. Your family is destroyed. Jia says you are a villain. rano throttles and pushes her. Somebody hits a stone on rano’s head. Its bini. Rano says where is arjun? nobody thinks about that old man. Arjun says whats the confirmation that you have baba. Ambika says I saw him.. Arjun says in what manner will you reveal to us where is he? She says I will ask your conundrums comprehend them. She asks one puzzle, love on one side and loathe on other and there is a man in center. Go and fathom this till I play my amusement.

They all glance around for baba. Bini says we need to watch out for Rano as well. We need to prevent her from terminating her amusement. Bini says possibly she is talking about some divider with her name. Ambika comes to Rano and says play with me and beat me in the event that you can. Ambika writings everybody that she has kept her occupied in the amusement. Akash and bini go one way. Ambika says diversion is in regards to end. Jiaa says to Arjun we need to look in changed ways. Jia sees a van going. she calls Arjun. Somebody puts a napkin on her mouth and takes her.




Akash says Where is Jia? Arjun says she was searching for baba. They call her, however, find her telephone. Arjun says where did Jia go at that point?


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