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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Ruhi saying you are doing this for youngsters, I know you can go to any degree for us, what is it, is he extorting you about me, Adi or Pihu. Ishita chastens her. She requests that Ruhi make the most of her life, do work, party, yet avoid the issues. Ruhi says I m your senior girl, it’s my entitlement to take care of your concern.

Raman looks on. Ishita asks is this the way a grown-up carries on, you think its entitlement to do this, you have an uncertainty, why are you influencing Raman to question, what did he do, he has pummeled Parmeet, consider the possibility that police came and captured Raman, everything will get ruined. Ruhi says Parmeet isn’t right, he ought to get rebuffed, stop this show. Ishita says you stop it, don’t meddle in this issue, you are getting on my head, simply allow me to sit unbothered. Ruhi cries and goes.

She tosses things in outrage and says the end result for Ishita. Raman comes and consoles her. She says you don’t comprehend, why is Ishita carrying on so. He says I guarantee I will discover, quit crying. He embraces her. Shravan returns home and says Raman has pounded Parmeet, I shouldn’t tell about Adi’s issue, what might I do, I can’t hush up about the issue, I will record it in my journal. Amma comes. He closes the journal. She asks didn’t you rest yet.

He says I m finishing my task. She requests that the rest. Raman gets a call. The woman says I m calling from summer camp with respect to Pihu, she got aggravated since her cousin called her, she got a high fever, we will deal with her, let me know whether she is sensitive to any prescription. He says no, simply deal with her. She says you can take her home on the off chance that she remains unwell. He asks whose call did she reply. She says Shitija. He says fine much appreciated. He closes call and contemplates it.

Amma awakens Shravan. He goes to the washroom. She cleans his bed. She gets his journal. He stops her and takes journal back. He says I don’t care for my things getting lost, simply go. She goes. He closes entryway and says its great she didn’t read it. Shitija expresses gratitude toward Raman for frozen yoghurt. He says you called Pihu yesterday. She says yes, I m missing her. He asks her is there anything to the state. She gets considering. He says I guarantee, let me know decisively, I won’t state anybody. She says I heard Parmeet and you had a battle so I advised this to Pihu, that night Parmeet got back home.

FB demonstrates Parmeet saying Ishita has concealed the mystery from everybody, I won’t abandon them, I know Pihu’s mystery. Shitija hears him. FB closes. She says I advised this to Pihu. Raman requests that she go. He says so Ishita is getting extorted by him. He goes home. Mrs Bhalla requests that he eat. Simmi says I will go and call him. Mr Bhalla says let him go, Ishita is there in the room.

Raman asks Ishita what’s the issue, what is Pihu’s mystery. She says nothing. He says I can get your lie effectively. She says you are simply questioning. He says Pihu became more acquainted with in regards to this and had a fever. She asks what did Parmeet converse with her, she is distant from everyone else in camp, I should go and get her. He stops her. She asks what’s the matter with you. He says why are you racing to her, Pihu’s educator called, Shitija called her to get some information about Parmeet holding her mystery, and after that Pihu got a fever. She says its nothing.

He says swear on me, let me know. She says Pihu committed a major error. He says kids commit errors. She says this can’t be adjusted, it’s about Ananya, would you be able to recover her. He asks what. She says Pihu was in charge of Ananya’s demise, Ananya got a push by botch, she tumbled down, so I assumed the fault and went imprison. He gets stunned. Amma says Shravan didn’t give me a chance to check journal, is he doing anything incorrectly, I need to see. She checks journal and peruses Adi is having an unsanctioned romance with Roshni, yet with whom do I impart to, Adi held Roshni in his arms….

She says this kid has gone distraught to compose this like some modest novel, what’s the issue with Shravan, I will converse with him, he continues contending with Bala, he is in a terrible organization. Shagun comes and says Shravan simply left, what’s the issue, I came to meet Aaliya. Amma says Shravan composed crazy things in his journal. Shagun understands it. Amma says this can’t be valid, Adi isn’t awful, Shravan is insane. Shagun says please accompany me, this may have some fact, till we know reality, we shouldn’t tell Raman and Ishita.

Raman inquires as to for what reason didn’t you let me know. Ishita says everybody was worried in regards to Ruhi and Nikhil, I simply needed to spare Pihu, when I returned, your memory was lost, you didn’t recollect me and kids, Simmi and Parmeet demonstrated me as a killer, I figured its great that they didn’t think about Pihu. He says I couldn’t see you and Pihu. She says don’t point the finger at yourself. He says I allowed my child to sit unbothered……




Ishita says Simmi will never excuse Pihu, as Ananya kicked the bucket in light of Pihu. Simmi hears this and gets stunned. Raman says it was a mischance, Parmeet can’t do anything. Simmi says I will get her imprisoned, I lost my girl.


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