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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Kartik preferring snacks made by Naksh. Naira says I need to eat pickles. She goes to get it. She sees Naitik, Akshara and Naksh’s testaments and decorations. Kartik says I figure Naira will have a few pickles there itself. She says I m getting it. She comes to them and says I need to complete my investigations. They all get astounded. She says there were numerous restrictions in Rishikesh when I came to Udaipur, I got occupied and afterwards Mumma… .. at that point Kartik came in my life, I figured I may overlook this on the off chance that I get occupied in the institute, I understood examinations are likewise devil. Kartik and everybody applaud.

Kartik says I m extremely pleased with you. Naitik says I m with you. Kartik says thank for unreservedly saying this to us. Naitik says you are now free, it’s a superb thing that you need to ponder. They all raise a toast. Baisa says ask Dadi once. Naira says I m beyond any doubt they all will concur. Kartik and Naira return home. Naira says Dadi went to Satsang, I will advise everyone. Kartik asks hireling the end result for him. He stresses for the consumer and asks did Shubham do this.

Hireling says to let it be. Kartik sends him to get help. Kartik says by what method will we know Shubham’s concern. Naira says we know his concern. Kartik says Suhana’s section is finished, he isn’t letting us know. She says I will converse with him. Shubham says he won’t send me drugs in the event that I don’t give cash. Naira thumps entryway and says converse with me, I need to state something. Shubham checks his wallet and cards. Children get something and blend in the soil. They hack. Naira comes and says Shubham didn’t open the entryway. Kartik asks the end result for kids. Naira gets water. He asks what’s that. Naira says don’t have the foggiest idea. Shubham comes to the first floor and gets stunned seeing the medications parcel.

Naira notices the powder. She hacks. Kartik asks what is it. She says its a powder which we include the dirt to make plants sound. Kartik says perhaps plant specialist left this outside. He requests that hireling clean the wreckage. Naira sees Shubham. He goes and checks the receptacle. She comes there and says how did this dustbin fall. She requests that worker clean it. She gets a similar parcel and says it had some powder, how did this get vacant. Naitik eats chocolates. Devyaani stresses. He says I needed to have chocolates, I m not in dejection, I m missing children, you can call Priyanka and ask, individuals can have chocolates even in a great state of mind. He goes. Devyaani and Rajshri wish all is well, he has a remark in his consideration, it would have been great if Kirti and Naksh had a youngster.

Kartik says my strain is less now, you and children are fine. She says you freeze for easily overlooked details. He says I can’t endure when anybody dear is an issue, you got me easily. She says you don’t esteem me right. He says I esteem you, we both love families a ton. She says nothing should transpire. He says yes, you, Kirti and Shubham… She says Kirti and I dealt with ourselves, however, Shubham didn’t adopt you. He says life wasn’t reason with him, nothing terrible ought to occur with me now. She says it won’t occur. He gets some information about her school and course. She says no, later, I need to show kids now. She requests that them not take breaks.

Kartik comes and says same principles for an educator. She says what subjects. He says I can show you what I know, we will examine administration. She gets exhausted. Children grin. She signs them. She says I had some work in a kitchen. He says nothing. She rests. He says wake up, contemplate, go ahead. She says enough at this point. He says you won’t get an astonishing show like me, you will think about alone later and miss me. She says don’t be sent. He says complete this, at that point, we will figure out how to keep marriage evergreen. He says then show that to start with, I don’t care for this exhausting subjects. He says for what reason don’t we begin this subject today. He gets Akhilesh’s call. He completes the call and sees them gone. He says Naira was offering an address to kids, she is likewise gone, I will show her consistently, in the event that she is a tigress, I m the ring expert. Suwarna leaves her room. Shubham takes some cash and turns. He gets stunned seeing Naira.

He says I had some work. She says I have seen you taking cash. He says no, it’s my cash. She says reveal to me really, for what reason do you require cash. He says I require it, I m a child of this house, yet I have no esteem, my card is blocked, might I submit suicide to end my necessities or this second way. She says robbery. He says it’s my right, not robbery, I didn’t do anything incorrectly. He sees Kartik, Manish at the entryway. Kartik reproves him. Everybody comes. Naira requests that Kartik be delicate and inquire. She asks Shubham for what good reason is he doing this. Kartik says he won’t let me know. Shubham says I won’t converse with anybody, I m going.

Naira stops him. Kartik inquires as to why are you yelling, am I sending you to imprison. Shubham says then send me to imprison, its bravo, you have your rights. Kartik gets some information about rights. Shubham says you have obstructed my card, simply give me my offer of the property. Kartik asks what share. Shubham says don’t act honestly. Manish says stop it and folds a hand. Naira requests that Shubham goes to his room and rest, they will talk later. Shubham goes. Naira requests that them not stress, Shubham is extremely irate. We will converse with him when he gets normal. Kartik comes to Naira. He says I feel awful, will everything break apart. She says no, we won’t let it happen, else we will make it fine, we will at any rate attempt. They clasp hands and grin.




Dadi asks have you connected in a school, what’s the need to work. Naira says I need to finish my examinations, did I do anything incorrectly. Dadi says much off-base.


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