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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Naira saying I didn’t fill a frame. Kartik says its last date today. Naira says I thought to converse with Dadi first. He says Dadi would have rested till now, go ahead fill the shape, what happened. She says it possibly an inconsequential thing for me, its a defining moment for me when life has pushed forward and dreams are deserted, this minute is unique for me. He says I comprehend, its wrong to desert dreams. She says needs a change after marriage. He says marriage doesn’t mean individual leaves dreams and quits seeking joy, it’s your life, you got hitched, didn’t confer suicide. She grins. They fill the frame.

Its morning, Dadi gets a call with respect to Naira’s application in school. Naira says I need to inform Dadi regarding an application. Dadi asks her did she apply in any school, what’s the requirement for any activity. Naira says no, I have connected for finishing contemplates, did I do anything incorrectly. Dadi says its totally wrong, you are hitched and need to take family ahead, you are doing everything on possessing, Shubham additionally tunes in to you, Kartik and Shubham got back home after you came here, Manish and Kartik came nearer, Shubham got spared from Suhana as you had centred around family.

Naira says the family will dependably be my need if my fantasy…. Kartik and Suwarna say let her examination on the off chance that she needs. Naira says I will oversee, guarantee. Kartik says I will likewise oversee. Surekha says what’s the need, we have all that we need. Naira asks don’t we have appropriate to satisfy dreams. Dadi says your institute dream got satisfied, everything will come apart. Naira guarantees there won’t be any issue. Dadi says fine, do what you need, Kartik has quit considering, we will keep on doing so.

Shubham gets eager for medications and calls somebody to get it. Naira cries. Kartik comforts her. He says Dadi will get it. She says check this, I didn’t get affirmation, my name isn’t there in holding up a list. He says its fine, we will take confirmation one year from now, I will show you, I m a decent educator, reveal to me what subject you need to pick up, anything. She says I know we will think about less and battle more. He jokes. They have a charming talk. Manish calls Kartik. Kartik goes. Naira says Kartik’s birthday will truly be exceptional this year. She grins.

Naitik and Baisa discuss their horoscope. He says nobody gives me a chance to win. She says you lose deliberately, I know, are you going someplace. He says no, you shouldn’t trust horoscope. Suwarna says Shubham doesn’t reveal to me anything. Manish says we ought to go there. Naira says we as a whole are with Shubham. Manish says I believe you. You will oversee everything. Dadi concurs. Kartik asks Naira will she deal with Shubham’s fits of rage and rowdiness. She gestures. He says call me in the event that you require help. He sees everybody away and kisses on her cheek. Manish and Kartik clear out.

Naira supposes I need to deal with your birthday also, this time your birthday will be super uncommon. Naira leaves for an institute. She supposes Shubham didn’t wake up and I got late. Suwarna calls her and says Shubham isn’t opening the entryway, come quick. Naira takes a u-turn. She gets stunned when she sees somebody pursuing Shubham. She pursues them. She prevents the goon from beating Shubham. The goon flees. Shubham shrouds the medications. Naira sees it and reviews. Kartik says we need to change everything. Manish says you are correct, I wish relations resembled apparatus, it could get set by repair, Shubham is carrying on awful. Kartik says don’t stress, Naira will oversee him. Manish says I trust so.

Naira cries. Shubham says please hear me out, give me one possibility. Naira asks what should I tune in, you have spoilt your life, you need to expend this harm, you know how these things influence body, once you get ongoing, you can never stop it, you aren’t transforming, you are rebuffing yourself and us for Suhana, who needed to plunder us, you are soaked in anguish, you are going towards devastation, this will destroy your life, if a man needs to execute himself, how might I spare him, I will advise this to everybody, Manish and Kartik will perceive what to do. He requests that her please stop, he will change, trust him.

He says I concede my misstep, spare me, I would prefer not to bite the dust, I need to live, give me one shot. He cries. She embraces him and consoles. He says I will change totally, I swear to God, simply bolster me. She says I m with you, every one of us is with you. He says not every person, just you, guarantee you won’t advise this to anybody. She says we will help you together. He says no, I will admit everything and apologize to them. She says affirm, they will comprehend it better, come, we will tell everybody. He says no, I will tell everybody after Kartik’s birthday, give me one possibility.

She says fine, I m sitting tight for Kartik’s birthday, you will come nearer to family always tomorrow. Kartik plays with kids. He says bizarre, nobody is doing anything for my birthday, did they design or overlook everything. Suwarna wishes Shubham carries on well with Kartik. Manish says I wish our petitions got replied. Naira says this will be replied, there is no reason to worry. Shubham comes and asks might I go along with you in the amusement. They all get astonished. Kartik says yes. They play. Suwarna cries joyfully. Akhilesh says they look so glad. Kartik requests that Akhilesh and Manish come and play. Manish says for what reason not. They join. Naira sees Shubham. He signs. She grins. Kartik grins seeing her. Naira wishes everything gets fine.




Kartik gets the birthday amaze. Shubham embraces and wishes Kartik.


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