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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update Starts With Kartik and Shubham in the cricket amusement. They all play and appreciate Naira signs Kartik. She tosses the ball. He says I can bat with one hand for you. He gets the rose. They all blow poppers and wish him. They sing cheerful birthday to you. Kartik grins. Kartik embraces Naira. He says this is the best birthday of my life. She says much things are cleared out.

He says reveal to me what did you anticipate tomorrow. She says covetousness is terrible. He asks everybody. They all discussion and leave. She supposes it will be a decent day, you will get Shubham as your birthday present. Shubham supposes I won’t tell anybody, I can’t see them stressed. Shubham takes his telephone and stops. Suwarna comes. He holds her hand and rests in her lap. They cry. Naira looks on and grins.

Kartik finds a remote on a bed. He says what’s this remote. He squeezes play catch. Naira comes to him. He says you have come so right on time, there is still time for morning, it’s my birthday, you didn’t wish me in an exceptional way. She says you whine to such an extent. She evacuates the shower robe. Pyaar… ..plays…… He sees her wearing a short dress. She slackens her hair. Yahan wahan… ..plays….

She asks what happened, for what reason did you quit talking, you have a remote close by, won’t you utilize it. He grins and sees the remote. He squeezes move catch. She moves for him. He squeezes embrace and love catching. She gets an adoration inflatable and gives him. It blasts.

They giggle. He says this is my cheerful birthday. He lifts her. Its morning, Suwarna expresses gratitude toward Lord and says Shubham was with me, I can’t trust it, simply make it a reality of my life, I need both my children, nothing else. She hears the sound of a few people crying. She gets stunned and says what was those voices, a hunch, no all is well. She asks. Kartik is en route with Manish and Akhilesh. He requests that they handle processing plant. Manish says you need to deal with them. Kartik asks where are we going, the end result for you. Suwarna hears the voices and asks this is only her idea. She sees the family pic.

She hears Shubham and asks him what is he stowing away. He says Naira is saying she will advise Kartik in regards to astonish. Kartik says I will call Naira and advise her not to design anything for my birthday, my father and uncle are destroying our adoration. She doesn’t answer his call. Akhilesh requests that Kartik not get furious and talk well. Kartik asks what. He searches for Manish and Akhilesh. He sees Happy birthday Kartik floater in the pool. Singhanias and Goenkas come wishing Kartik. They all sing. Naira says upbeat birthday. Kartik expresses profound gratitude, when did you design this.

Dadi says Naira arranged this. Manish requests that Naira roll out Kartik go and improvement. Naira says yes, garments are prepared. They go. Kartik holds her nearby and sentiments. He says you are concealing numerous insider facts from me nowadays. She says a few things should be covered up. He says we guaranteed we will share everything. She says affirm sorry, I won’t stow away. She supposes Shubham will tell everybody himself, I won’t conceal anything once more. He says fine, pardoned.

She requests that he prepare quick and come. He embraces her and teases. He says you can’t go out, your gathering and visitors will pause. She says no, I m going. He says you should pay an overwhelming cost on the off chance that I get furious. She says I will persuade you. She goes out. She says Shubham, Kartik will prepare and come, are you prepared. He says no, I will state it, once the gathering is finished. She says yes yet… He says everybody is cheerful and getting a charge out of, I don’t need them to stress. She says I will be there to control things. She says I don’t have bravery.

She says fine, I will state. He says no, for Kartik’s purpose, you won’t state, I guarantee I will reveal to them when a party is finished. Suwarna sees them. He goes and supposes I won’t state, I have given much distress to everybody, except not currently. Suwarna asks Naira is everything fine. Naira says yes, it will be fine. Akhilesh requests that Surekha let kids play. The street pharmacist says I think Shubham is the endeavour to leave tranquillizes or reaching another provider, it’s our misfortune, I won’t let this happen.

Baisa grumbles about warmth. Dadi requests that her wear glasses, attempt it once. Baisa tries and says goodness, everything looks beautiful. Dadi requests that she sit and unwind. They have juice. Devyaani says it feels great to see everybody together. Rajshri says that is the magnificence of relations. Devyaani says we as a whole remain together all life, I wish. Rajshri asks are they drinking juice or something different. Kartik hears a shriek and says don’t prod me an infant, else it will be exorbitant for you.

He sees Manish and says sorry, I thought… Manish says you thought its Naira, you are looking extremely attractive. Kartik thanks and compliments. Shubham plays with Lav and Kush. Manish says Naira was correct, bliss is returning. Kartik requests that he break the ice. Manish goes to Shubham. Suwarna and Naira come. Shubham holds Manish. They grin. Suwarna says thanks to Kartik.




Everybody moves on Tum ho to… .. Medications parcel tumbles from Shubham’s garments.


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